1985 - Eberswalde (Germany),
currently living in Berlin (Germany)


2012 - Masters (Physics),
University of Potsdam
2019 - PhD (Physics),
University Complutense of Madrid


2013 (May) - Re:Tramp "there is no such thing", Berlin (Germany)
Gregor Pieplow, Marlene Brüggemann
2013 (Sep.) - Fahrbereitschaft Berlin "Umraum", Berlin (Germany)
Gregor Pieplow, Conrad Bosshard, Laura Fügmann,
Rüdiger Franke, Dennis Gärtner, Stefan Haehnel,
Lynn Lehmann, Taiyou Mori, Josef Maaß, Anastasia Mikhaylova,
Franz Mueller-Schmidt, Gihur Nesnirg, Johannes Regin,
LesMis, Dennis Rätzel, Tiago Rodrigues, Anne-Laure Ruffin,
Felix Schröder, Osif Seiksuh, Stephan Stoll,
Rita Wesiak, Viktor Palmer: Les Enfants Terribles,
Jesse Ten: New Dutch School

2014 (Nov.) - Sputnik, Berlin (Germany)
Gregor Pieplow


2012 - Damscray, Phantom Ep- digital cover, label: robox neotech
2012 - +Verb, Fragments - digital cover, label: robox neotech
2014 - Deft, Voigt Kampff - record cover, label: project mooncircle
2014 - Deft, Blue Jasmine - record cover, label: project mooncircle
2014 - Bob Brandenburger, Medienbildung in Thüringen [...] - book cover,
publisher: Kovac


2012 - Lightwarriors, animation, art director
2015 - Undune, a documentary about Terra Preta, Feces & Mars,
principal actor, art director, animation, book, production


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2015 - R. Elsner, D. Puhlmann, G. Pieplow, A. Heuer, and R. Menzel,
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2019 - G. Pieplow, C. E. Creffield, F. Sols,
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